The Limitless WomanInner Circle
A life-changing 4-month group coaching programme to:
"Unlock your Limitless Potential"

Who is the Limitless Woman™ Inner Circle for?


  • You are done with what's stopping you to thrive and want to make this year YOUR year

  • You are feeling unclear about what direction to take

  • You are feeling like on a never-ending treadmill, wanting much more from life

  • You have been putting yourself 2nd, 3rd, 4th for too long and you want things to shift big time

  • You have a burning desire to dive deep within and reconnect with yourself and, your desires as a woman

4 months of incredible coaching, strategies, and MORE 


Welcome to The Limitless Woman inner circle. I am so excited about 2021. It is going to be epic, let me tell you, Limitless Women.

On top of receiving my expertise through our powerful group and 1:1 private coaching (I will record them for you so you can revisit or watch them if you miss any of it ), all the in-depth training modules (+14 in total), and a private Facebook Group, I will be bringing you "la crème de la crème", experts in:

  • Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

  • Feng Shui 

  • Breathwork

  • Nutrition


  • Sound Therapy

  • Sex, pleasure & Intimacy Coaching


Yep, that's not all...

As a BONUS for signing up before Wednesday 12th May 2021, you will also receive a one-to-one private numerology session with our incredible numerologist, Sharyn so you can start with immense guidance and clarity before the start of your journey within The Limitless Woman™ Inner Circle. You will also get a discount of £200, making the total cost £2000, get an extra one-to-one coaching session with me, and to make it even easier for you, I'm offering a 10-month payment plan. 


At the beginning of each week, you will be invited to pull an oracle card.  This is such a magical process. The card you'll be pulling will always speak to you and, relate to something you are going through or something you've been contemplating. 

I want you to know that THIS inner circle is NOT something you want to miss, trust me. I've put a lot of thoughts, work and, creativity into this and, I know you are going to LOVE IT. 


The women who are currently in it are creating huge shifts in their life and, I know you will too.

I KNOW there is a part in you who is probably thinking "I WANT THIS NOW!!!" and maybe, there is also a part in you who is a little scared. I just want to reassure you here...It's absolutely normal. 

If you've been feeling like something really needs to shift in your life, THIS is your opportunity to do exactly that. 

"Don't do the mistake of waiting too long,

until it's too late or until all the spots are taken...


Spaces are limited and WILL GO FAST. "

You know that you are meant to play much bigger, don't you? The Limitless Woman inner circle is the missing piece to unleash that Inner Limitless Power so you can BE HAPPY & LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT IT.


"She is fierce

She is grounded

She has a clear vision

She is strong

She speaks her truth

She is the mother who births projects, ideas, dreams

She is the woman who is connected with herself and her desires

She stands up for herself

She is bold

She trusts herself and the Universe

She looks after herself

She asks for support and delegates unashamedly & happily in a loving way

She embodies her femininity & masculinity

She celebrates her shapes and her sexuality

She is adventurous

She challenges her limits

She is determined, she knows what she wants

She is wild

She is joyful

She is confident

She shines bright

She knows her boundaries

She fills her cup first so she can better support others

She is grateful

She is love

She is abundance

She is free

She is powerful

She is limitless

She is YOU"


I am bringing the very best of my coaching expertise and my invaluable personal growth teachings to this 4-month unique coaching programme to allow us to co-create incredible transformation at any level of your life.

Sabrina Hall Limitless Coach
Sabrina Hall Limitless Coach



Hey Limitless woman,


It's so exciting that you are here! I cannot wait to meet you!

As a guide, mentor, and coach, I help busy high-achieving women have a balanced, calm, fulfilling, and joyful life whilst empowering them to reconnect with themselves and their true desires. 

I know what it's like to be super busy, driven, having tons of responsibilities, and trying to be the best at everything. I've been a "good girl", a pleaser, was obsessed to help everyone who crossed my path (even though they didn't need help!) and felt like I was always giving giving giving. Truth being told...I was absolutely drained. 

Not only it is tiring and stressful, but it is also sadly,  "helping" you disconnect with who you truly are because your mind is always on the go. I say helping because when you disconnect with yourself, you unconsciously avoid your personal development and therefore discomfort.

I know how it feels because I lived it and still do dip in and out of that state. But now, thanks to the tools that I have, I am empowered to get out of that cycle more powerfully and, much quicker. And so will you. 


In this journey, I will pass my lessons, insights, tools, and tips on to you.

Do you remember THAT woman within you?

Not the mum. Not the boss. Not the entrepreneur. Not the daughter, wife, citizen, colleague, or else. No, not those.


The woman that is above all of that.

I am talking about the woman inside you. The one you might have lost touch with. The one who once had dreams for herself, the one who needs time, the one who wants to be nurtured, thought about, and loved.


The one who is The Limitless Woman™.

The foundation of our inner circle is based on

my unique   "5 steps to Limitless" process:

  • Your Belief System: During this exciting step, we will identify what your beliefs are about yourself, others, and what you believe others think about you and letting go of those unwanted stories. We will also be clearer on the collective beliefs that you may have and create tools to let go so you can powerfully move forward. We will review what your beliefs are about your future and our coaching work so you are able to trust this process fully, let go of any fears, be empowered to take massive actions, and see amazing results.

  • Your Inner & Outer World: We will Identify what your own needs are and how you are currently meeting your psychological human needs so we can have a better understanding of the driving force behind your actions. We will also look at the different parts of yourself, those you have owned, disowned, and the reasons behind it.  During this very important step, we will also identify the rules you have unconsciously been playing by. 

  • Your Life Vision:  This step is crucial as it will help you remember your deepest vision or create one that is aligned with The Real You so you can get a sense of purpose or direction. You will learn how to connect or reconnect with the woman within. We will also go through the important step of creating more space and time for yourself so you can fully embody your vision. We will also crystalize what your priorities are, how to create an exciting structure for yourself, boundaries, how to build trust, and gain confidence.  

  • Your vibration We are all energetic beings vibrating at a certain frequency (this is not woo talk by the way! but facts), so we will look at understanding what is stopping you from fully cultivating solid self-love practices and you will learn how to amplify the loving connection with yourself thus those around you.  We will reinforce your positive self-talk and empowering you to bring YOU and your needs to the forefront of your life. During this step, you will also understand the importance of being aligned with your actions and raising your energy so your life can have a more flowy feel to it. This will also help you raise above much quicker when things are not working the way you want them to work.

  • The Real You: Identifying the real you, the YOU without the heavy baggage, the free you, the you that cannot wait to come out and shine bright.  Together, we will create your new blueprint and your feel-good new habits. By that stage, you will have a stronger radar for any unwanted self-talk and be in a position to shift your consciousness with greater ease.   



3 x Private 1:1 Coaching Calls


We will connect online, via Zoom, once a month, to identify what's really holding you back and what you truly desire. You will have lifetime access to these sessions as you will be able to record them.

We will create your initial action plan to allow you to get off to the very best start.

SEE BONUSES BELOW. Get 1 extra private coaching session with me when you sign before 9th May.




You will have unlimited access to 14 online in-depth modules for 6 months (2 months beyond the duration of your programme).

These modules are crucial for your inner-work journey and will give you the support that you need to can tap into your limitless inner power with greater ease. We cover a wide range of important topics, from inner-child work to the belief system and, from mastering self-love to energy work.


These training videos will help you move forward powerfully.



On top of having access to prompts and worksheets, you will have access to weekly group work such as mastermind (group coaching calls on Zoom) and workshops with different experts (Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, breathwork, sound therapy, and Feng Shui) 

These live calls will be streamed via Zoom on Thursdays at 7.30 pm UK time and will be recorded so you don't miss a thing


You will have unlimited access to these sessions for the duration of the programme, upon its completion you will still be able to access them for an additional 2 months.


So you can really feel supported during your journey, you will have access to a private Facebook Group for the duration of the coaching programme (4 months).


This will allow you to ask me and the group the questions you have, share your progress, struggles, and celebrate your wins.

You will often find that you'll hear questions you never thought of asking and how can finding out the answers have an incredible impact on your own personal growth.


A private one to one session with incredible numerologist Sharyn Ann Mc Neil, if you are booking the package before 9/05/21

A Live hypnotherapy session with expert Cath Sturdy. 

A life-changing Live masterclass with Breath expert, Sophie Lefevre and, tools to take away.

A Live transforming masterclass with Feng Shui expert, Darina Veen, and tools to take away.

A Live masterclass with a Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach to get an in-depth understanding of how important this aspect of your life is and how it is influencing us as women.

✓ The amazing Lisa McDonald will bring her expertise in nutrition, Live in our private Facebook Group every 2 weeks.

And we will finish our 4 months together with a beautiful and Live sound therapy session.

- Get a discount when booking early (see below) 
- Receive One Extra Private Coaching Session with me
- A private one to one session with amazing numerologist Sharyn so you can start your inner circle journey with total clarity.
If booked before 12/05/2021 midnight 

If you are any questions, send me a quick email:

And if you are ready to join us, request a clarity call to apply for The Limitless Woman™ Inner circle by clicking on the button below.



NOP! I'm good, take me to the payments!


Save £200


instead of £2200


Unlock your

Limitless Power


£210* per month


Unlock your

Limitless Power

*Early Bird offer valid until 12/05/21 midnight
*Spaces are very limited

Sending You Love,

Sabrina xxx

Sabrina Hall Coaching Client

"Thi has by far been the best investment for myself that I've ever made. So glad I am here and taking part in this transformational process into becoming a limitless woman"

- Katie Peak - Student


On top of my expertise through our powerful one to one coaching sessions, group LIVE coaching sessions (all recorded), 14 in-depth training online modules, and a private Facebook Group, I have brought many experts to complete your coaching experience beautifully and POWERFULLY. 



Bsc (Hons) Dip.Couns DSFH


Cath feels passionate about supporting people to create real and lasting change in their lives. Our past does not have to inform our future, we can be free to find new choices in how we want to be, think, feel and live. I love to see people grow and flourish and find more meaning, focus, and joy.
Cath has an ability to connect deeply with my clients and create a sense of safety in the sessions, so you feel you can be yourself.



Sophie Lefevre is a catalyst for transformation and guides women to reconnect to their heart, increase their energy & align to their purpose through breathwork

Sophie believes that Presence is the key to a Free and Joyful life. It’s when she earned to feel, to connect to, and to integrate her emotions through Transformational Breath® that she freed herself from her limitations and started living her life with Joy and Purpose.



Founder of 


Darina Veen helps her clients to furnish their house, apartment, or home office in such a way that they can experience more happiness, balance, pleasure, and balance in life.

Feng Shui, literally 'wind and water',
is a beautiful oriental philosophy about harmony and balance in life;
two powerful principles that appeal to the human soul.
The influence of the environment on our well-being and happiness is great. We want to cultivate harmonious, balanced, nourishing, and inspiring living spaces for us so that we can experience happiness, joy, and fulfilment in life.




Sarah Rose Bright is a leading Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy coach and she’s on a mission to empower women to discover their pleasure and feel sexually confident, so that they can truly enjoy sex, create healthy relationships, and their lives can fully blossom into the incredible potential they deserve.




During the last decade, ​Otto Haddad (also known as Otto) has been helping hundreds of people around the world with Sound Therapy and Mediumship. 

Having spent most of his life dominated by a strong scientific mind, sound helped him become more authentic, free, and open up to the unlimited power of healing that is available to all of us through the present moment. 

With very simple sound techniques, he will help you let go of what your mind holds on to and better be in touch with your true power.




Sharyn Ann McNeil is a globally recognized 5D Visionary, Teacher of Transformation, Ascension way-shower, and Activator of human potential. She holds a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science (B.Msc.) a Healing Touch CHTP certification and is a registered Grief, Hypnosis & Breath-work Practitioner. Sharyn is regarded as an expert on Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and Sacred Numerology having served more than 20 years studying, teaching, and counselling in the field of symbols, cycles, and numbers. Sharyn’s soul mission and passion are to support Souls to activate their Soul Codes and live a life of Divine Service, Abundance & Freedom.



Founder of 


Lisa is an accredited Nutritional Therapist having graduated with distinction from the College of Naturopathic Medicine and is a registered practitioner with professional bodies including BANT, ANP and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.


Upon graduating, Lisa set up her own practice, Flower of Life Nutrition, and offers 121 consultations. Alongside her private work, Lisa regularly delivers talks and wellbeing webinars and is delighted to be part of The Limitless Women Inner Circle. 


Her passion for women’s health is driven by her desire to support other women and offer them the guidance, tools and encouragement they need to achieve their wellness goals.


Meet Otto Haddad, the incredible & talented sound therapist who will be offering a powerful sound therapy session in The Limitless Woman™ Inner Circle.

Twinkly Lights

"I now feel that I can achieve a lot more than I thought and anything is possible if you want it enough!

Thank you Sabrina"