Time for a change

I spent years living a "mediocre" life, a life that was not fulfilling, at times, it felt like I was "surviving" day by day. Everything felt overwhelming, I knew something was missing but I didn't know what. I felt empty at times, feeling down and depressed. This can carry on like that I was thinking? What is the point? I was in this soul sucking job and I wasn't happy there. Sure, I did an amazing job because I have a caring nature and when I do something I want to do it well. I take pride of that. Was life really about waking up tired and anxious, doing some chores, have a quick breakfast, going to work for 9 hours, come back more tired, watching TV, going to sleep then here we go again the day after... When I was young, at weekends, I was partying, drinking letting the stress disappear just for a little bit. Week by week the same freaking thing. I wish I had more guidance, I wish I knew how to remedy to that and to know what the hell was going on. I felt lucky cause I was seeking. I was searching hard so I knew deep down it would end...And it did luckily!! I understood what was going on...and I took the decision to change my #life and to not take the role of a victim. But a lot of us don't and just go and do that week by week...If this is you reading this, how do you feel and will you be #happy for it to carry on this way until the end? I don't think so for most of us. Once you are fully ready to shout enough is enough, then give me a big fat #YES and let's work together.

My #purpose in life is to serve you. I want you to live your life fully, wholeheartedly.

Let's step it up now and for good shall we? 🔥🔥🔥

Who's with me?

#mykickasslife #motivation #lifecoach #totnes #devon

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