The 6 psychological human needs

Human beings have 6 psychological human needs: The need for certainty, variety, significance, love/connection, contribution and growth.

We cannot live without meeting those needs, and we fulfil some more than others.

We also might fulfil them in a positive or negative way. For example a drug addict could fulfil their need for certainty by knowing when they’ll get their next dose.

Meeting a need can be achieve by creating something small to something much bigger. For example, you could satisfy your need for certainty by knowing you are having a shower every evening or knowing you are going on holiday every Easter.

Understanding what your 2 top needs is important. These would be some of the driving forces behind your actions.

What is really cool with this knowledge is that you can also get to understand the people around you a bit better.

For example, you 2 top needs could be uncertainty and growth! Whilst your partner’s need might be certainty and love. You’ll have a better understanding on how to meet their needs and create a more loving relationship.

What about you? What are your 2 top needs? How do you meet them?

And how do you meet the other needs so there is balance in your life?

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