Reflect during Winter

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

As we are approaching colder times ❄️ ,it’s important to give ourselves permission to retreat, reflect, and look after ourselves more.

No guilt, just let yourself embrace some time off, time with your loved ones, time with yourself and your needs. 🎄🎶

It’s a great time to have a look at how your year went: what have you learned, what were your challenges and highlights? How do you see this coming new year 2020? What would you like to accomplish, to be better at? 🥂

Would you like how to say “no” more and set clear boundaries with people around you? Would you like to travel more?🥳

Would you like to improve your relationship with your children? Would you like to be better to yourself? Would you like to find a passion? Be more confident? Better with your finances? Going more to the hairdresser and feel good? There are unlimited goals to discover and have fun with: all you need to do is making a little time to think about it, reflect on what’s important. Let me know if you’d like some help with that, I could share some tips and insight with you all.

New year is a great opportunity to start some new habits and create something magnificent for your life. 🤩

But of course, you can start anything at anytime, whenever YOU are ready.

Think about small goals that are easy to reach. They will bring a feeling of quick satisfaction and fulfilment. And bigger long term goal which you can enjoy for a longer time, and grow with it. 🧐

Have fun and enjoy ♥️

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