Let's talk about...The Past

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

We talk a lot about moving forward but hey, hang on a minute...what about THE PAST?! 😏

I want you to look at how this year has been for you.

Take 10 mins, seat down and month by month scan what the heck happened. So many things right??!! 🧐

Really try to recall as much as you can and write it down.

You really need to show yourself some appreciation for what just happened. Pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself, recognise all the amazing things you went through, all the crazy things, all the pain and suffering, all the laughter and joy, all the people you've met.

It's really important to look back and give yourself credit for all the things you've done. You are amazing and you have done so much.

Maybe you have or are:

- fighting an illness

- Lost someone very dear

- Struggling financially

- Juggling parenting and work

- Single parent

- Studying Broke up with a partner

- Found a new job or started a new business

- Learn some skills

- Made some friends

- Went on holiday

- Lost your house/Bought a house

- Overcame an addiction

- Fought for your rights

We are superhuman considering all the crap we are dealing with to come back to a "normal" level. I am talking about everything you are doing not only on a personal but on a global level too. IT'S A LOT.

So really look at everything you've gone through and all you have achieved and, although some of you might not see how that all that happened is extraordinary and that what you've done is pretty normal, try to see why that could be amazing.

We live in a society where a LOT is expected of us. There is a lot of pressure. We need to perform at work, as parents, as friends, as children, as siblings, as partners, as a member of the society, as neighbours etc..And we also live in a society that is fast pace. People expect a quick answer from you. Quick text reply, quick email reply, you need to deal with things here and there. People plan months in advance for things, do this, do that. You get what I'm saying.

So slow down a bit and really look at all that has happened, and thank yourself cause if someone would have done all that you've done for you, you'd say a big warm thank you and give them a huge hug.

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