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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

How does food affect our body and mind?

How does drinks affect our body and mind?

We can agree that whatever we put in our bodies affect us, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The food and drink industries have been lying to us and have been using manipulative techniques to influence us in making wrong and, even dangerous choices. Those industries only care about taking our money and getting us hooked on their products for as long as possible, from generation to generation.

If at one point we believed that smoking was healthy, can you imagine what else is happening in terms of manipulation?

It is time that we see through what’s really happening and take control back.

It is time that we realise truly that WE can change the way we do things and that whatever we are currently doing is not definite.

It is time we realise that:

💥If we want to be the best version of ourselves 💥 If we want to feel the best in our bodies 💥If we want to feel as clear and focus as possible

Then, we NEED to make much better and conscious choices with our foods and drinks. Because they have a DIRECT impact on all of the above and more. For sure.

We owe it to our body. Our body is not a dust bin, our body is not just a body, it is a very clever machine. It’s a temple, a vehicle that needs respect and love.

How long are we going to carry on feeling like we haven’t got control of things, that we are victims of manipulation from the food and drink industries?

The good news is that we are not victims and we have a choice.

If we want to live a long, happy, healthy and fulfilling life, then we need to fully wake up to this.

Including more beautiful nourishing colourful foods that the earth is offering to us can help us with:

🌱 Getting rid of the tiredness 🌱 Improving mood swings 🌱 Cravings 🌱 Being focus and having a clear mind 🌱 Having a deeper connection with the Earth and all beings 🌱 Having more energy 🌱 Wanting to treat our body better and giving it some exercise 🌱 Feeling active 🌱 Feeling better in our body 🌱 Being fitter

And much more. All of the above has a direct link with how well we do with our life, business, relationships, projects and goals in life.

A healthy body and a healthy mind means a healthy life.

Thank you,

Sabrina Hall

Thanks for reading!

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