It's OK to want more than parenthood

(This post is not solely for mothers. I lovingly invite you to interpret it for yourself whether you are a father or feel like you are stopping yourself from exploring your deepest truth)

You LOVE your children to death but something deep down tells you that you want MORE.

You might know what it is or not, and that’s ok.

The most important thing is that there is a part in you that is dying to come out and, be the star of the show. A part who is so strong you can feel it shaking you to the core, yet, you are trying to ignore it. This part is curious and it wants change, risk, adventure, excitement and, growth.

I was there before. The guilt of wanting something extra than my child. Fear not, you are not alone and so, are thousands of women.

My ego was trying to stop this part from coming out, it was giving me messages like “You should be satisfied and fulfilled that you have a child, isn’t it what you wanted?, “You’re never satisfied, what’s wrong with you?”, “What more do you want?”, “And if you go for exploring something else than motherhood, what if you still don’t feel satisfied??”, “You’re a mum! this is just what it’s like”.

Your ego knows that something big could happen if you’re letting that wild part in you getting out: You could grow and you’ll go to places that will feel uncomfortable…! Your ego doesn’t want that. But that’s ok. All it needs is reassurance.

You might be scared to even look within and see what you can find, you might have an idea of what you want to do or not and, the thought alone might be frightening. You might also be worried about sharing this with your partner or the people around you. You wonder “What are they going to think of me?”, “She should think of her children first”, “This is just how it is to be a mum!”. You might be doubting yourself or getting disappointed in yourself. because "there is always something else that you want”.

Please be kind to yourself and do not worry my sister.

I decided to not settle for this and so should you. We are mums but we are also women. We have needs and also have the desire to explore how far we can go, push our limits, grow, learn and explore new ventures. This is absolutely normal.

It doesn’t mean that we do not love our children, that we are selfish. Of course not. YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN.

Don't you think it would be an amazing example for your children if you decided to go for your dreams or exploring what they are?

Sending you love,

Sabrina x

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