Are we willing to peel our onion?

My "onion" or my life has many layers and all those layers contain traumas, past issues, limiting beliefs, pain, insecurities and so forth.

When I started looking at my life, I was focussing at that one thing that was bothering me and stopping me from fully living; I was placing it in the centre of all my pains. It was my "excuse".

Little did I know at the time that I was about to uncover a whole bunch of other things.

And here I was, wholeheartedly, willing to explore who I really was, off on a beautiful (and at times painful) journey of self-discovery.

I finally understood the "onion".

Self-discovery, going deeper, being ready to revisit painful events is not for everyone I get it. It can be scary and have huge consequences in our current life. It also seems easier to block things and carry on the best we can with our lives and, pushing everything to the side.

I believe it takes bravery to take the decision to peel that onion. It also takes love for oneself.

So what if by peeling off those layers, we would find a happy and fulfilling life? Isn't that worth it?

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