Be your own cheerleader

I want to share how important being your own cheerleader is.

Whether you have support around you or not (I.e.: your partner, family, friends, therapist or coach), it is crucial you learn tools to appreciate who you are, where you are and, give yourself encouraging words.

In moments of growth, transition, tough learning, change, it can be a real battle in your mind. All happening unconsciously and consciously. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about…

There could be a voice in your mind encouraging you and another one giving you negative talks, telling you to stop, bullying you. If the latter is not trained and given too much importance it will overrule the loving voice.

I call the encouraging, uplifting voice the “higher self” (the one that has ideas, that is excited, that want us to grow and discover new things) and the other one, the ego or “lower self” (the one that wants to keep us safe and get us to stay in the comfort zone).

If doubts arise and you feel like stopping or like you do not want to entertain the idea of going for something anymore and, your mind will try to find reasons (excuses) for you to stop.


2- Take a side step and observe.

3- Raise your consciousness by being aware of those thoughts. Acknowledge the negative talk. That is the FIRST CRUCIAL STEP (awareness). 

4- Consciously CHOOSE encouraging talk over the ego talk, so you can go through the moments of transition and the lows with greater ease and, power.

Your ego is clever and knows what to say to convince you to stop, it will use old patterns such as "I don’t have the money", "I don't have the time", "The time is not right", "I am too busy with the children and they need me", "I am not good enough", "What are people going to think anyway...!" Etc...Etc… You know the deal.

And one could say…” But it’s true!!! I don’t have the money to go for that course!!!!”.

Whatever it is, question it. Then question it again. Don't let your ego get away with it. ----> How would you talk to your ego if it was this fearful little child? I know you would reassure it. Do the same with your ego.

For example, with the money reason, you need to build your abundance mindset by saying to yourself: “the money isn’t there right now, but how can I make it happen? How can I raise the money? This is important to me. What can we do?”

You see…The approach is much different and empowering. It’s uplifting. It’s abundant.

Having support is crucial BUT, you need to decide to be a conscientious being and that you will choose encouraging thoughts over negative BS thoughts.

You need to be on board with your own cheerleading. It is CRUCIAL.

As a life & business coach, you’d think that this maybe doesn’t happen for me. But it does!! I go through difficult times, painful challenges and times when I want to give up. 

One day, I took the decision that I was going to change. I wanted to give more importance to my higher self, I wanted to discover who was the real me. The mind is like a muscle: it needs practice and consistency. Over time, it gets easier I promise you.

You probably heard it all before I am sure, but I really think this will remind you of how important that self-talk is.

Sending you Love,

Have a fab day,

Sabrina x

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