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"Together, we will co-create incredible transformation in YOUR LIFE"




If you are a high-flying woman and want to be mentored to create more tangible and, quicker results in your life, then I'm your coach.


Whether you need to gain clarity or gain that little bit more trust in yourself so you can powerfully go for that next bold move, know you are in the right place. 


I can help you get there much faster and with more ease. We will work on many levels: emotional, mental, behavioural, and spiritual.

If something is stopping you or slowing your down from having the business of your dreams, starting a new business, changing career, asking for a promotion or simply not living the life you once imagined, make sure you BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CALL NOW so we can talk about how I can help you and, find out if we are a great fit for each other. 

My work has a powerful blend of invaluable strategies learned from my studies at the renowned coaching school of Tony Robbins and my own personal journey.

The Limitless Woman VIP PACKAGE

The Limitless Woman™ package is about us co-creating The Real You.


The YOU who is empowered, balanced, strong, confident, free, crystal clear, bold, wild, grounded, daring, and courageous.

THIS, is The Real You and this, is what we're going to unlock for you. 

I take the incredible women I work with

on my unique  "5 steps to Limitless" journey 



I am known to bring kickass results and transformation.

Those results come if you’re prepared to make radical changes in your life and invest time and energy in your coaching process, which in return will bring you tremendous and tangible changes


Your uniquely-tailored coaching sessions are conducted through video call

so you can access me wherever you are in the world


You get  unlimited access to me via emails, What's app or text messages

between sessions*.


*I reply Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm and within 24 hours. 


The minimum commitment to working privately with me is 3 months with 12 coaching sessions in total.

Your investment: £2400*.

*3, 6, or 12 months payment plan available at no extra cost

How do I work?

My powerful work is based on

my   "5 steps to Limitless" process:

  • Your Belief System: During this exciting step, we will identify what your beliefs are about yourself, others, and what you believe others think about you and letting go of those unwanted stories. We will also be clearer on the collective beliefs that you may have and create tools to let go so you can powerfully move forward. We will review what your beliefs are about your future and our coaching work so you are able to trust this process fully, let go of any fears, be empowered to take massive actions, and see amazing results.

  • Your Inner & Outer World: We will Identify what your own needs are and how you are currently meeting your psychological human needs so we can have a better understanding of the driving force behind your actions. We will also look at the different parts of yourself, those you have owned, disowned, and the reasons behind it.  During this very important step, we will also identify the rules you have unconsciously been playing by. 

  • Your Life Vision:  This step is crucial as it will help you remember your deepest vision or create one that is aligned with The Real You so you can get a sense of purpose or direction. You will learn how to connect or reconnect with the woman within. We will also go through the important step of creating more space and time for yourself so you can fully embody your vision. We will also crystalize what your priorities are, how to create an exciting structure for yourself, boundaries, how to build trust, and gain confidence.  

  • Your vibration We are all energetic beings vibrating at a certain frequency (this is not woo talk by the way! but facts), so we will look at understanding what is stopping you from fully cultivating solid self-love practices and you will learn how to amplify the loving connection with yourself thus those around you.  We will reinforce your positive self-talk and empowering you to bring YOU and your needs to the forefront of your life. During this step, you will also understand the importance of being aligned with your actions and raising your energy so your life can have a more flowy feel to it. This will also help you raise above much quicker when things are not working the way you want them to work.

  • The Real You: Identifying the real you, the YOU without the heavy baggage, the free you, the you that cannot wait to come out and shine bright.  Together, we will create your new blueprint and your feel-good new habits. By that stage, you will have a stronger radar for any unwanted self-talk and be in a position to shift your consciousness with greater ease.   


After this powerful 12-week coaching programme, you will feel like a totally new person BUT totally YOU, refreshed and totally aligned with everything around you. You will feel like yourself again, connected with the real you,  joyful, light, happy, clear and LIMITLESS. 

Do you have any questions? Unsure about something? No problem. Just send me an email!

Meet Chris O'Connell, a Leadership & Wellbeing Coach,

and one of my soul clients.

"I now feel that I can achieve a lot more than I thought and anything is possible if you want it enough!

Thank you, Sabrina"

Serving Clients Worldwide via Zoom


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