MY NAME IS SABRINA and I am a Female Empowerment Coach.



If you are a high-flying woman and want to be mentored to create more tangible and, quicker results in your life then I'm your coach.


Whether you need to gain clarity or gain that little bit more trust in yourself so you can powerfully go for that next bold move, know you are in the right place. 


I can help you get there much faster and with more ease. We will work on many levels: emotional, mental, behavioural, and spiritual.

If something is stopping you or slowing your down from having the business of your dreams, starting a new business, changing career, asking for a promotion or simply not living the life you once imagined, make sure you book your complimentary call so we can talk about how I can help you and, find out if we are a great fit for each other. 

I am passionate about co-creating the best life for you and, have an unshakable determination to support you in your quest for a more fulfilling, successful, joyful and, exciting life. Your happiness is literally my mission. 


I am an insured and qualified coach who studied at Robbins-Madanes, the official Coaching School of Tony Robbins and the foremost life coach training program in the world under my teachers Tony Robbins, family therapist Cloe Madanes, Mark, and Magali Peysha.



"I can't believe how positive I am feeling, it's having a profound effect on all aspects of my life. Thank you so much for enabling this revelation.     

The Limitless Woman Inner Circle
A very very special and unique coaching group

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I am passionate about helping you create more 





Chloe O, Director at Mokṣa 

After our first session, I must admit I felt unexpectedly on cloud nine, I felt like I’d be freed of the overwhelming burden I felt that was holding me back and completely open to so many possibilities. I felt like what she’d done was unlock something that was stopping me from seeing the bigger picture... CLICK HERE TO READ CHLOE'S FULL SUCCESS STORY

Emma S, Legal Firm Director

My coaching session with Sabrina was immensely beneficial. It has given me clarity and confidence to follow my dream. I was experiencing fear and limitation previously but now I feel motivated and excited. I can see that my goal is achievable with the right mindset and a clear vision.

Raye, Therapist

Sabrina really helped me clarify the direction I was going to take my business in. She not only helped me figure out the best way to do it but also gave me great technical advice on websites, advertising and social media. I feel a lot more confident about starting my business now. And I will be having another session soon

"Sabrina works very much in response to what she is presented by the client, she works with insight and pragmatism offering practical advice and support to keep things moving after the session has ended      Andrew G

Nikole Marie, Director of Midwest Miracle

Sabrina gave me the push I needed to get things back on track with my life and business. I came to her because I felt stuck and overwhelmed. My coaching sessions with Sabrina were magical. She gave me so much fuel to execute and accomplish anything thrown my way. I now wake up every day ready to conquer it all, with a plan of course. I would certainly recommend Sabrina to anyone that has a burning desire for change! Thank you Sabrina

Helena Akashi, Feminine 

Embodiment Guide

The work I did with Sabrina has been the beginning of an important personal and professional expansion and I could already feel and see the great benefits of her input after only 2 sessions.
Having worked myself in the field of personal development for many years, I have high standards regarding coaches and teachers and Sabrina surpassed my expectations.

Emily B, Massage Therapist

Sabrina is really lovely and very easy to talk to. Through speaking with her I gained a new perspective on the things that I have been finding difficult to grasp with my business. It was a nice mix of a holistic approach and practical business advice, and I felt very positive after the session. Thank you, Sabrina! 

"You've made the biggest impact on my life within this short amount of time!      

Steve J, Bank Manager

Sabrina is naturally gifted and it's been a joy and an eye-opener to be coached by her.
She works in a really friendly style, chatting to you as if she was talking to a friend but not being afraid to challenge you if it is required. Her work on improving your mindset is fantastic. I certainly benefited hugely from her sessions and would recommend anyone who wants to improve their life to get in touch with her and benefit from her skills.

Grace K, Trainee Psychotherapist

RRI Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning

I’ve recently completed the VIP monthly package with Sabrina, and it’s been an excellent experience! I’ve experienced shifts – both subtle and very tangible, in my work life and in my personal inner life as a result of our work together. Sabrina’s natural positive energy and drive was irresistible and inspirational. I also found her to be very consistent, dedicated and genuinely caring. 


Thanks and hugs,


Amanda B, Chef 

I found Sabrina very easy to talk to, she has a very warm presence and a passion for life.
My sessions with her were really great at showing me different ways to approach things that I might have normally seen as an obstacle.
I now feel that I can achieve a lot more than I thought and anything is possible if 
you want it enough thank you Sabrina

" My business has gone from strength to strength and I've had my best month ever this last one!! I can't believe it! I am well on my way to my target and feeling so great and full of positivity, ambition and motivation!      

Video Testimonials

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